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6.8.11 – New Day. New Songs. New Show.

Our first day back in action since the show and we’ve picked up right where we left off. It felt good to get back to the creative process, and the songs introduced are proving to push the boundaries on anything we’ve done so far.

We’re going about these songs differently than we have before. We’re taking more time with the process, and really exploring what can be done with the music.

The first song introduced is tentatively named “Strangeland”. A slow building, surreal, ethereal kind of tune. Many peaks and valley’s with a strong ending. With some more time, this should come together nicely.

The second in contrast is one of our darkest to date. “Dinner Plate”  is a haunting song that is building in instrumental complexity. We have our engines running on this one, trying to build a strong piece of music while keeping it simple. We’re still toying with a few ideas vocally as well as instrumentally, and the challenge is refreshing.

Also, we’re excited to return to Sidekicks Saloon this coming July 1st. We will release details as they come.



About ATP (A Blog)

ATP formed in a cramped basement on a cold day in early December 2010, with a date to record two weeks later. For those two weeks, we piled into the band room and rehearsed songs to be recorded, and began early stages of writing new material as a band. Now the early stages has to turned into over a dozen original songs, a demo, and a truly talented band of strangers turned friends. We're looking forward to what's to come. - ATP

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