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7.10.11: D.I.Y.

…And we’re back.


Sorry for the delay, but we’ve been hard at work trying to get some cool new things going. Every time we get together, it seems we become better and better at working with each other, and opportunities keep presenting themselves. We played our first headlining show at Sidekicks Saloon on July 1st, where we debuted a new song, ‘Strangeland’. It was a good time, we’ll be sure to put up some video from the show within the week


We also want to make mention that we now have A Thief’s Plot shirts. They’re slick, so if you wanna look like a tall drink of water, while reppin the ATP army, hit up our Facebook page. Soon we’ll have a more streamlined way to get our merch, so good things come to those who wait 🙂


On the western front we’re preparing for a solid week of recording. We’ve been tossing around the idea of recording an acoustic E.P. on our own for while; and after recording some drums and guitar for “Sinking Ships”, we’ve decided to go for it. After working with Bill Bergel of Plot 38 on our demo, we wanted to take the knowledge we learned from him and see if we could make use of it ourselves. We have yet to choose all the tracks we want to record, but we’ll be laying down five songs in an acoustic format. Confirmed songs so far are “Sinking Ships” and “Daystar”. We’ll release the other track names on our tumblr and twitter as they come, so be sure to check those out during the upcoming week.


Finally, we’re extremely excited to announce that we have confirmed that we are playing The Gothic Theater on Saturday, July 23. Doors open at 7 pm, 16+ $8.50 but 21+ is comp. We’re hard at work for this one already. This is a very significant show for us, The Gothic is one of those venues as a musician you dream of getting the chance to play. So to be able to have the opportunity to bring our fans out to a historic venue, and get the chance to play our music in front of new ears is a great feeling. So make sure you spread the word, and please come out and support us. You wont be disappointed…




p.s. coming soon… 🙂


About ATP (A Blog)

ATP formed in a cramped basement on a cold day in early December 2010, with a date to record two weeks later. For those two weeks, we piled into the band room and rehearsed songs to be recorded, and began early stages of writing new material as a band. Now the early stages has to turned into over a dozen original songs, a demo, and a truly talented band of strangers turned friends. We're looking forward to what's to come. - ATP

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