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9.6.11: To be like you, to be like me.

A band is many things as an entity. It’s equal parts love, with hate, tonic, and a pinch of volatile subtlety. From the outsiders perspective, there’s a sense of grandeur, but when you sift through the cracks and get inside, the intricacies can be overwhelming. It’s tough. It’s fun.

Four personalities. Four thousand ideas. Four history’s. With this, figuring out a unified direction can have it’s ups and downs. Funny thing is, once you think you’ve figured out what direction you’re moving, you blink, and you’re going somewhere else entirely.

It all starts individually you know? Each individual wanting something more from ourselves, more from the world that surrounds us. Add onto that, being young and restless, and you get forward momentum. Watch it as the aspirations take on a life of their own, and all of a sudden it’s not you. It’s everything around you. It’s sacrifice. It’s expectation. It’s perception. It’s peace of mind.

Things that go unsaid often have a violent potential, but you breathe, and try to find a way to explain. Yet, things needing to be heard will fall on deaf ears. Eventually. It’s in these times the trick is to find a way to grit your teeth, and sacrifice what you need for the greater good of something we all believe in. Channel it right? Take our own advice and use it as motivation? Certainly. Left foot, right foot, left foot, right foot, drop.

It can be so absurd 🙂


About ATP (A Blog)

ATP formed in a cramped basement on a cold day in early December 2010, with a date to record two weeks later. For those two weeks, we piled into the band room and rehearsed songs to be recorded, and began early stages of writing new material as a band. Now the early stages has to turned into over a dozen original songs, a demo, and a truly talented band of strangers turned friends. We're looking forward to what's to come. - ATP

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