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10.4.11: Finding Inspiration

Think about some of your favorite artists. Where are they now?

Where have they been?

What did it take for them to get there?

What draws you to their work?


A friend and I have been e-mailing each other and discussing what it is to pursue a life of passion in a modern world; And one concept that seems to resonate throughout the entire conversation is that of struggle. Whether it be financial struggle, personal struggle, spiritual struggle, or all of it, it’s one of the most basic human connections. I think you can agree that many – if not most – great works of art have come out of struggle. It adds something of an unseen element to the art, and makes it relatable to the audience. Even if the struggle isn’t obvious to it’s audience, the artist my never elaborate on the struggle, but it can still be felt; And it’s presence through art often gives the feeling that the work was made specifically for you. One of the most special feelings to have in my opinion.


For the artist, struggle – despite it’s painful truths – is used largely as inspiration. The fuel that turns the engine. When often artists live, and purposely acknowledge the struggle they live with, as well as the struggles of others around them, art becomes an easy outlet for the frustration created. However, the misconception is that when we put our pain down, whether it be to a song, to canvas, or a concrete wall, we step back refreshed and feel better. Far from it. Sure it helps in the moment, but when it’s done (it’s like a drug), it’s no better than it was before, it’s just manifested in a different form. It’s still there. It’s still hurts. And in the end all we’ve done is created something pleasant out of an ugly feeling.

It’s the muse.

Evil as you are we embrace you.

Ugly as you’ve been we love you.

Hurtful as you can be we take it on the chin.

And despite it all. Despite all you’re not. Despite your cruel sense of humor… you’re apart of us, of what we create.

You are us.


About ATP (A Blog)

ATP formed in a cramped basement on a cold day in early December 2010, with a date to record two weeks later. For those two weeks, we piled into the band room and rehearsed songs to be recorded, and began early stages of writing new material as a band. Now the early stages has to turned into over a dozen original songs, a demo, and a truly talented band of strangers turned friends. We're looking forward to what's to come. - ATP

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